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Dress Code in English




A student’s appearance has much to do with personal pride, conduct and the way students respond to each other.  Student success and a positive learning atmosphere are also affected by appearance.  Because of this, East Montana Middle School is requiring “Dress for Success” for students in grades 6 – 8 as follows:  

All Students: 
1) Polos in solid color of black, gray, white or red shall be worn.  Under shirts must be solid in black, gray, red or white.
2) Skirt/shorts/pants must be blue jeans (denim) and/or solid black only.
3) Uniform shorts may be worn throughout the school year.  Shorts will be walking type and not below the knee.
4) Dresses, skirts or shorts shall measure no shorter than two inches above the knee.  Shorts will not be below the knee.
5) Skirts/shorts/pants may not be torn or frayed. Pant legs must be unrolled and untucked from the shoe.
6) Middle school students must wear closed shoes or proper tennis shoes.
7) All shirts must be a plain “Polo” style.  They must be tucked in at all times and must be buttoned up.  Only the top two buttons may be unbuttoned.
8) School spirit shirts may be worn on designated days as determined by the Principal.
9) Solid color Belts must be worn and visible at all times. No studs, spikes or words allowed on belts.
10) No “baggy” jeans or shorts will be allowed.  All pants/skirt/shorts must be no lower than one inch below the belly button.
11) Hair for boys and girls must be worn out of the face at all times.
12) Hairstyles or hair colors that draw undue attention to a student are not allowed.  This is determined by an administrator.  Highlights must be a natural hair color and natural in size.
13) Medallion/Chains/Necklaces may be worn inside the shirt.
14) “Out of the Ordinary” attire, as determined by administration, is not allowed (bandanas, spikes, collars or gloves).
15) Students must wear gender appropriate clothing.
16) Sweaters and jackets must have a zipper with no design (Solid Color). Brand name or logo visible is permissible. Hoodies are not allowed unless it is a school “Rattler” hoodie. Jackets and sweaters must be unzipped at all times so the belt and tucked in shirt are visible.
17) Chains that hang outside the pant pocket or from wallet are not allowed.

Male Students:
1) Male students shall not wear noticeable facial hair or pony or rat tails.
2) Male students’ hair cannot touch the collar or ears and bangs must be no longer than the eyebrows.  Pulling hair behind the ears or bangs to the side is not acceptable.
3) Side burns may be worn if they do not extend below the earlobes.
4) No body piercing are allowed.

Female Students:
1) Polos that expose cleavage are not allowed.
2) On picture days, sun dresses straps must be 3 inches wide at the shoulder.  Jackets used to cover thin straps will not be acceptable.
3) Garments may not be made of transparent material or overly revealing.
4) If tights are worn, an outer garment must be worn and meet the guidelines for a skirt or dress.

If the Administrator determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the dress code, the students shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school if the occurrence is the first or second offense during the school year. 
If not corrected, or if the violation is a third offense within the school year, the student will be subject to  appropriate disciplinarye consequences as determined by the Administrator, for the remainder of the day or until the problem is corrected.  Repeated dress code violations may result in more serious disciplinary action.  Appropriate discipline procedures shall be followed in all cases [(FNCA (LOCAL)]. 
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